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Carpet Cleaning Life

Owning a carpet is for many, a matter of pride and hence, every now and then, you come across a rare jewel at a bargain, Fast forward and now you’ve got this fine piece proudly on display in a beautiful spot in your house/flat/apartment. However, owning a carpet (properly and for a long time) demands dedication, especially when it comes to cleaning it. Here are some words to the wise that will elongate your fine carpet Cleaning life:

1- Work out a calendar at the start of the year (time of purchase). I know it sounds a bit much, but trust me it takes 2 clicks on your smartphone and will go a long way. Set reminders for what has to be done when, for example:

  • Vacuum once every week
  • Basic cleaning (a dry absorbent powder clean can be done yourself)
  • At least once a year, get it cleaned professionally, if not twice. There’s no need (unless specially required) to have your carpet cleaned more than 3 times a year.

2- Always have an emergency DIY kit handy! While professional carpet cleaning is always an option, not all stains can be removed (or removed as easily). Keep a cleaning cloth, stain-removing liquid and any other necessities closeby for any accidental spills. However, make sure you remove the left overs after cleaning itself so that doesn’t attract more dust.

3- While waiting for the biannual/triannual professional cleaning, a hand-wash once a month or once every 2 months can do wonders. Vaccuum the carpet once, apply carpet shampoo and work it into the carpet well and vaccuum a couple of times again afterwards to remove any reside.

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