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+ 85 2 9810 1943


People mostly buy expensive carpets worldwide. These carpets are sometimes traditional and cheap but sometimes they become very expensive due to their antique background so it is very irritating when it gets damaged, torn or burnt just because of a little carelessness. You get shocked and  can’t imagine that your money has been wasted.

Just think for a while that your favorite rug gets damaged due to water or any liquid {Coffee, Milk, etc.}. All you have to do is simply call us because you need a professional carpet repairing / carpet color restoration approach to handle this situation since rubbing the carpet repeatedly can cause its condition to get worse.

Sometimes, the situation gets worse when you are having a party at your place and your expensive rug is full of stains and dirty patches. You cannot take the risk of showing it to others; here you need our experienced team for your carpet restoration / carpet color restoration.

You should be very careful that the color of your carpet can become dull permanently due to excess washing or can lose its original dark colors. Our qualified technicians can provide a solution for this problem by restoration of carpet color to its original shape as well.

Everyone knows that handmade carpets and rugs are made of very fine material which is why people like to install them in their homes. These artistic pieces need proper handling and care. We are here with our carpet restoring services.

You should not be worried anymore because of the odor or pet stains if your friends are planning to visit your home because removing this bad smell is not an issue for our hardworking and experienced team of professionals.

We can proudly claim to our valuable customers that any kind of damages are restored by us. These technicians are fully equipped and highly qualified for restoring all damages. We know that you spend heavy money on these marvelous pieces because buying a new rug or carpet is not so easy, and that’s why heavy maintenance and extra care is required to properly handle these carpets.

Whether handmade or machine made, thick or thin, big or small, all carpets needs maintenance after you have bought them. To avoid destroying them, bring these to us and we will definitely clean your carpets in a way which will please you – any damage, smell, stain, patching, looseness, everything will be restored and repaired by us in really affordable rates. We are just here in Hong Kong to provide you all restoring services.

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