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It is a fact that to purchase new and new items after sometime is really impossible. It is also impossible to replace your precious decorative items regularly due to your affinity with them. Carpets are always something very important to you. These antique pieces provide your home a royal style of living. Whenever you are going to remodel your home, you always try to match the overall theme of your home. It looks bad if the carpet does not match with the overall color scheme of your home, but it is also true that these pieces of fabrics require a lot of attention and personal care. You should be very careful while using it because if it gets dirty, the overall beauty of your house gets damaged.

Before, it was a headache for home owners but now we are providing quality services in carpet or rug cleaning of all types of spots on your carpets. Our highly qualified and professional team of experts is confidently providing the best services for carpet cleaning in Hong Kong. These carpet cleaning services look simple but these are not as easy a task as it looks like, but their professional carpet cleaning / washing approach is unmatchable.

We have many solutions for your dirty carpets in Hong Kong with the help of latest techniques applied for carpet cleaning / washing. We are also the only company in Hong Kong equipped with all the latest carpet cleaning machinery.

There are different kinds of latest techniques being used nowadays, such as:

  • Carpet Cleaning By Shampoo Method.
  • Carpet Cleaning By Bonnet Method.
  • Carpet Dry Cleaning.

Some other methods are also being used but these are the three most commonly used techniques. Carpet-Shampoo Method is the simplest method. The method is simply applying a lot of shampoo on the carpet with the help of brush or viper. We then wait for it to dry. It will dull the stains & spots from the carpet. After that, it is washed with high pressure of water and then dried. You carpet after carpet cleaning / washing will look as good as new.

Both of the other techniques are types of dry cleaning. These techniques are time saving but a bit expensive than the first one. Mostly people are adopting these carpet cleaning techniques to renew the worn off look of their carpet.

We are simply the best in town. Do call us without any worries. We will solve all your carpet cleaning issues in no time. Your satisfaction is our prime objective.


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