Five Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

Carpets add a whole new depth to the overall ambiance no matter where they are placed. From homes to offices or in hotels, carpets give off an immediate cozy and welcoming aura wherever they are placed. As beautiful as they look, they need a very thorough cleaning after every 12 to 18 months or they start to give off a shabby look and become a hub of bacteria and diseases. So, in today’s time especially one needs to be extremely careful about the cleanliness of their surroundings. Also, by cleaning them regularly the life of a carpet gets extensive.

Hong Kong is a busy city always bustling with activity. One doesn’t have time to wash them at home with such a busy life as it requires a lot of time and effort moreover you might end up doing more damage to your carpets. That’s why it’s always best to hire professional home carpet cleaners for doing the job.

Carpet cleaning services are considered best to hire professionals to come to your house and get your carpets cleaned and make them as new as they once were! The results will be stunning for you. Before hiring a professional carpet or home carpet cleaner be sure that you check out their services, what do they offer and what machines or equipment do they use. You can research the company online. All these things must be done priorly so you won’t at all be disappointed afterward. The following are some tips you must keep in mind before hiring the best carpet cleaning services firm.

What are their methods?

Make sure you ask them what methods they use. This is an important step and many people don’t pay attention to it despite knowing what the consequences may be. Most of the companies use steam cleaning, there are other methods but you must know what method does your selected company uses according to the type of your carpet, be sure the method they are using will suit your category of carpet. The technique of cleaning they will use will infer the drying time and the price rate you will have to pay for the assistance. Choose the carpet cleaning services where you are given a variety of cleaning procedures so that you can easily observe the one that will reasonably suit your budget and desires.

Do they offer a guarantee?

Carpet cleaning services Hong Kong do offer a guarantee on the work they do. But since these guarantees can differ extensively, covering different types of problems or expanding for varying lengths of time, make sure you understand the conditions set ahead by your company. This is very important as you don’t want your carpet dirty just the other day? Do you? Be sure you ask them if they offer a guarantee or not. Be sure you confirm if they guarantee on how long will it stay, or else you might risk lasting damage from over-wetting, inappropriate handling or badly mixed chemicals, improper brushing as well as shoddy practices. The best way is that you must also ask for a written guarantee that the company will at least redo the job if you find it undesirable.

Interview or Research the company you are hiring 

You must ask them for how long the company has been there in the business, what legal equipping do they expect for the company’s supervision and machinists, what are the fundamental services given and what comprises an additional charge? You should also be aware of what type of cleaning method will be used. These questions should be answered invariably. Information on the amount of charges and services will be super helpful since this determines the budget you will prepare before you hire a professional carpet cleaner.

What Prices do they offer? 

Price is such an important thing to notice! Don’t ever choose a company that agreed to do your work at an extremely low price. Carpet cleaning services Hong Kong gives cleaning assistance should meet an acceptable price. Dismiss the discounted and low rates that a carpet cleaning company is offering. You have to recall that when a company is offering you the lowest price, it verifies that they give low rates to their cleaners as well. So, the cleaners will never work with devotion and commitment, leaving you with mere dissatisfaction. Go through the print before you bring the ultimate judgment. Have a look at what carpet cleaning services are encompassed and ask about reimbursement strategy if work is accomplished badly. And if you can’t afford then you must determine a way to clean it by yourself at home at a low budget and using home carpet cleaning machines could help you out.

Choosing the right company 

To choose the best carpet cleaning services always go for a company who is in carpet cleaning service for a long time.  They will likely have a lot of expertise to stay in the business for that long as only a good repute and excellent service delivered will ensure a long-lasting company.

Check whether the carpet cleaning services company is insured and registered with the state. This way it will be ensured that the company has hired only the highly experienced and skilled men for the job.

Be sure that the carpet-cleaning company you choose and the professional carpet cleaner you hire should be the one you are comfortable with. You should be comfortable with the staff and as well as all the steps of the process, from the very start to finish. You know very well that the best carpet cleaning services will assure your satisfaction and happiness with every and each step in the process. They will make sure you get your carpet in the best possible form and your home brightens up with it.


It’s a worthy decision to hire home cleaner services as the life in Hong Kong is so hectic. It saves your time and provides you an efficient carpet cleaning services. By considering all the above points you can hire the best carpet cleaning services in Hong Kong within your budget.


Professional Carpet Cleaning

Imperative Professional Carpet Cleaning Advice And Information


Getting your home carpeting to look new again can be a significant arduous chore,unless obviously you procure experts to do it for you! Take in the most ideal method for doing this and the great outcomes that will result with the guidance in the accompanying article. Once you’ve seen what the experts can do, you may never take a stab at doing it without anyone else’s help again.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Imperative Professional Carpet Cleaning Advice And Information


Getting your home carpeting to look new again can be a significant relentless chore,unless obviously you enlist experts to do it for you! Take in the most ideal method for doing this and the magnificent outcomes that will result with the guidance in the accompanying article. Once you’ve seen what the experts can do, you may never have a go at doing it without anyone else’s help again.

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Home Carpet Cleaning

Home Carpet Cleaning

Try not to clean your own carpeting!

Not Another Lost Weekend! You’re working diligently all week and anticipating the end of the week, an opportunity to unwind and make the most of your family and companions (however despite everything you need to cut the grass!) But, at some point amid the week, you look down. You aren’t content with the state of the carpets. So you settle on a choice to lease a do-it-without anyone else’s help carpet cleaning machine from your nearby market. Believe it or not… you will clean your own particular carpet. Your objective this end of the week is to make a decent, new and clean carpet and appreciate a more beneficial home. Friday evening arrives. Off you go to your supermarket and you wind up before a group of do-it-without anyone’s help cleaning machines and the different cleaning items accessible for home carpet cleaning.

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Professional Carpet Cleaner

Professional Carpet Cleaner

What to Know Before You Clean Your Carpet

Regardless of how clean we think we keep our home, at some point or Professional Carpet Cleaner is required. In the event that you have any sort of carpeting in your home, regardless of whether one end to the other or zone floor coverings, profound cleaning is a smart thought each 12 to year and a half. You best wager is to contract an expert. Not all expert carpet cleaners are indistinguishable, be that as it may. Try not to be influenced by print or TV advertisements that offer super shoddy costs. A number of these “organizations” are here now gone again later, or offer sub-standard work. And keeping in mind that you may get a kick out of the chance to do-it-without anyone’s help, rental carpet cleaners are the fast food rendition of carpet cleaning.

You ought to dependably get an in-home review and composed aggregate value cite. Via telephone cites can’t in any way, shape or form consider your particulars. Everybody has their own circumstance whether they have youthful kids, pets, side interests that can be muddled; you engage a great deal, and so on. The occupation truly should be seen.

Who is truly met all requirements to do the best occupation?

Cleary suggests contracting organizations that have representatives with IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) preparing. “There are 25 unique classifications of classes required in the preparation,” said Cleary do it as professional carpet cleaner.

On the off chance that you have one end to the other carpets:

Cleary said that most one end to the other carpets are produced using nylon or polypropylene strings (fundamentally plastic). “One end to the other is basically connected to the building, so you can just clean the top,” said Cleary.

Above all else, the carpets should be strongly vacuumed (and not simply with your Hoover). “Generally it resembles attempting to clean a carpet loaded with mud,” said Cleary.

Cleary prescribes the utilization of organizations, for example, his own, which utilize the utilization of specific “mounted” trucks that offer “an all the more effective and proficient freshwater and recuperation framework.” Cleary’s trucks have particular hoses, wands, and vacuums that are wound into the home or office. Carpets are color tried in spots to be sure cleaning cleansers and chemicals won’t harm the carpets. High temp water is produced in the truck and showered alongside cleanser on the carpets. The floor coverings are “raked” to work in the cleanser and slacken soil, the carpets are washed again with heated water and the subsequent messy water is separated by effective vacuums. Most carpet cleaning employments done by experts (unless your house is tremendous) will take around 2 ½ hours for the work and 2-3 hours drying time. Most organizations don’t charge for furniture moving. Additionally, don’t return your furniture too early, as wood may get to be distinctly harmed or you may wind up with rust stains from any metal furniture. On the off chance that you can, amid the cleaning, leave a couple of windows open or put the warmth on somewhat higher to speed the drying procedure along.

Zone mats and Oriental carpets:

After an in-house examination, carpets are best evacuated to be professionally cleaned at a plant. Anticipate that the cleaning will take no less than five days. Cleary said to be careful with organizations that claim to clean your floor coverings in hours. “They put the floor coverings through a machine that resembles a printing press. The mats are go through rollers and cleaned somewhat like an auto wash. The entire procedure just takes minutes.” This is the same procedure adopted by all professional carpet cleaner.

Oriental and many sorts of region carpets are all the more frequently made of fleece, fleece mixes, cotton, sisal, rayon and other characteristic strands. The in-plant prepare begins with “cleaning” the floor covering with packed air to evacuate free soil. Color tests are done, and afterward the floor covering is doused overnight. Cleary said to evade organizations who say they can clean zone floor coverings and Oriental carpets in your home. “It resembles attempting to wash your garments while as yet wearing them,” said Cleary. The second day the carpet is absorbed warm sudsy water. Bring down water temperatures are utilized because of the kind of filaments. One end to the other carpets, since they can’t be expelled for cleaning and are all the more regularly engineered filaments can withstand considerably higher water temperatures. Milder cleansers are additionally utilized. The floor covering is left in the lathery arrangement until day three, and soon thereafter the carpet is flushed with packed air and water and hung to dry. Cleary said that in-plant cleaning guarantees ideal control of temperatures and the drying procedure. At long last, the periphery is cleaned and any particular work, for example, repairs, freshening up, moth-sealing, expulsion of gum or wax and so forth is finished as a professional carpet cleaner.

With respect to stains:

Another case for expert carpet cleaning is the thing that happens when your pets have “mischances” on the carpet. You may think you’ve cleaned the chaos up, yet frequently ammonium salts are abandoned. Amid the winter, if your house is dry, you may not see much in the method for scent as the salts stay solidified. Be that as it may, once the hotter, wetter months arrive, the salts ingest dampness and discharge more smell.

Chemicals and cleansers that are utilized:

Cleary said that lone for one end to the other carpeting are more grounded chemicals and cleansers utilized. On the off chance that you have synthetic sensitivities, talk about what the organization uses and how to diminish the impacts. Cleary said that they utilize genuinely unbiased items in regards to Ph, however some one end to the other mats with substantial ruining may require more antacid cleansers or cleaners.

What would you be able to hope to pay?

Expenses will change as per the occupation and locale. Cleary said the normal for his organization is 60 pennies a square foot. In any case, if the employment is expansive, that number can go as low as 10 pennies a square foot. “It’s about efficiencies of scale,” he said.


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Buy a carpet-cleaning machine or get in touch with a professional? The common man’s dilemma.

There are both pros and cons to buying  a carpet cleaning machine instead of making the convenient choice of approaching the professionals.

An obvious thought that comes to mind is that making a one-time investment in a machine must be a good idea in order to save money. However, a few less evident yet equally, if not more, important factors are not taken into account.

The carpet cleaning process does not end with the purchase of a machine along with some good detergents. A certain skill is required to acquire the dexterity required to effectively remove every last dirt particle and every bit of damage that the carpet may have suffered. This skills comes with experience and is polished to perfection with years of experience that companies such as Umar Carpets possess. So the result achieved by self-cleaning may not be at par with that of professional carpet cleaners.

Moreover, as the age-old saying goes, time is money! The convenience that is afforded to you by getting in touch with a professional carpet cleaner especially Umar Carpets who also offer services such as pick and drop of the carpet right at your doorstep is no match for the effort required to first get the materials required and then going through the tiresome cleaning process itself. Surely, ease and comfort is worth the few extra bucks!

Last but not the least, the carpet cleaning machine may require its own fair share of maintenance and maybe even replacement after going through one or two washing and cleaning processes. Overall, going the professional way definitely sounds like the better and fairer bargain!

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services to Care for Your Carpets

If you’ve beautiful carpets that complement your home decor, you don’t want to see your big investment get ruined by soil, dirt and stains that can lay your carpets down and make their look and odor much older than before they are new. So, be sure to use the professional carpet cleaning services to the care of your carpeting.

When you hear the word carpet cleaning services, you automatically think of the steam carpet cleaning method, in which hot liquid cleaning solution is used to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet. Steam or hot water extraction cleaning method is the best choice when it comes to deep carpet cleaning. Through this cleaning approach, carpet cleaners are able to remove all dust, grime, stains, and germs from the surface of the carpets. This method does not involve a plenty of water, so there is no much worry to dry out the carpets. Professional carpet cleaners invest in advanced drying machines which absorb all the moisture from carpets and give them a new long life.

Professional carpet cleaning services save you both money and efforts if you hire them on a regular basis to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets. Properly clean and well-maintained carpets not only beautify your home or workspace décor but also enhance your indoor air quality. So, you should clean your carpets twice a year with the help of a reliable carpet cleaning company. Get in touch Umar Carpets in Hong Kong if you want to keep your carpets clean and stain-free.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning

Daily use of carpets in home or workplace make them dirty and full of dust, germs, and mold. So, it is crucial to clean them professionally. In the present era, there are lots of different ways to clean a carpet. But two of them are most popular- Dry cleaning and steam carpet cleaning. Both of them are quite different. Therefore, if you’re looking for carpet cleaning services to clean your carpets, you should know the difference between them. It’ll help you to know which one is the best method to treat your carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning method

This cleaning technique is provided by many carpet cleaning companies, which involves a little amount of water. In this method, carpet cleaners apply the quality absorbent detergents on the surface of your carpets with the help of rotary brushes. After that, the cleaning product is abstracted from the carpets with a wet/dry vacuum. The absorbent detergents eliminate all the dust, dirt, and stains from the surface of the carpets, as well as give a new fresh life to them. Hence, it is essential to take into account that your selected carpet cleaner uses chemical-free detergents because low quality and chemical containing cleaning products can hurt the carpet’s fiber.

Steam carpet cleaning Method

Steam carpet cleaning method is the most ideal to use on the hard surface of carpets, which can be blasted away with steam (hot water). As the highly pressurized steam is applied with the help of machines, dirt and junk are easily released and removed. After this, dry machines are used to dry out your carpets. This method not only cleans your carpet deeply but also gives them a fresh and new look. Since it is easy and safe to use, therefore, most of the carpet cleaners are offered this method.

Feel free to contact Umar Carpets in Hong Kong if you want to maintain the cleanliness of your domestic and commercial carpets. We suggest you the best carpet cleaning method according to the type of your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning- A Way to Save Money & Avoid Replacing Your Carpet

Carpeting makes your home or workplace an elegant and cozy place. Hence, keeping your carpets clean and making them long lasting demands quite a regular routine of maintenance. Even after vacuuming your carpets every week, you will be faced with a time when your carpets require something more to look clean, fresh and new. In this situation, carpeting experts recommend that you should get your carpets professionally cleaned at least two times a year. Professional carpet cleaning not only assures you with a hygienic environment but also makes sure to keep your carpets in a good condition so they will last longer.

Having a carpet professionally cleaned is the way to clean carpet in Hong Kong. The foremost reason for getting the carpet cleaning services is that there are different cleaning methods used by professional carpet cleaners. These cleaning methods have some pros and corns, so only the expert carpet cleaners in Hong Kong can suggest you the right one that suits your carpet’s fabric. Steam, dry, shampooing, and bonnet cleaning techniques are commonly implemented by professionals these days. In these cleaning methods, eco-friendly detergents/cleaning products are applied on the surface of carpets and then dirt, dust and stains are extracted by using the advanced machines. After cleaning, carpets are dried with the help of latest drying machines.

All these techniques are totally safe for carpets, therefore, professional cleaning services not only make your carpets clean but also give them a fresh new look. In this way, you can avoid replacing your carpets and save you money because there is no need to invest into new carpets. Hence, to reap the maximum benefits of carpet cleaning services, you should engage with a well-recognized company like Umar Carpets in Hong Kong.

Umar Carpets- Assuring a Brand New Look For Your Old Carpet

A beautiful and well-decorated house or office not only defines the status of its owner but also boosts the value of property. Though there are many ways to beautify a dwelling or workplace, carpeting is the best item that projects royalty and extends the prettiness of the floor and surroundings on the whole. Carpets can be placed anywhere in the home such as the sitting room, bedroom or dining room. There are various types of carpets which you can make a choice depending on your place where it needs to be carpeted. Based on the way of manufacturing it is categorized into woven, knotted, tufted, and needle felt etc. If you place carpets in your home or workspace, it is important to maintain and clean them occasionally. Engage with the professional carpet cleaners in Hong Kong to keep your old carpet like a new one.

Umar Carpets are one of the most reputable carpet cleaning service providers in Hong Kong which have gained a reputation in the market because of their dedication and the modern cleaning techniques. Our expert carpet cleaners have expertise in different carpet cleaning techniques such as steam, dry, bonnet and shampooing cleaning methods. They choose a right and safe cleaning method that suits your carpet’s fabric. With the utilization of latest cleaning machines, we apply premium quality and chemical-free detergents or cleaning products on the carpets. Our quality cleaning products not only abstract all dust, dirt, and stains from the carpet’s surface but also ensure a perfect clean imparting new look for your old carpet.

Being a well-renowned carpet cleaning company, the services of Umar Carpets are quite accessible and affordable too. We extend our services online where anyone can contact us 24/7. When you hire our carpet cleaners in Hong Kong, they put their efforts and skills to clean your carpets safely. The use of advanced machines also minimizes the time for the completion of an order. Also, our services are fully insured including the compensation of the employees. Thus, it can be said that we leave our customers completely relaxed and satisfied providing them the best possible carpet cleaning solutions.

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service

As you live with your carpets each day, you may not pay attention to them, then you notice that they’ve gotten messy and stained. When that happens, you may be at a loss of your big investment. You can clean them on your own but it can be risky if you use the wrong products which can damage your carpets’ fabric. That’s the time when you should call in a professional cleaning company that will be able to deep-clean your carpets safely. Hence, choosing a right service is not easy because there are lots of companies dealing in carpet cleaning in Hong Kong. So, it is important to ask some important questions when hiring a service. It’ll help you to make a right decision for your carpets.

Let’s have a look at top 5 questions you must ask from a carpet cleaning service.


  1. What cleaning method will you use?

There are various cleaning methods used by professional carpet cleaners to clean carpets. Some popular methods are dry cleaning, steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and shampooing cleaning. Each method has some pros and corns. And only a seasoned company suggest you the best cleaning method which suits your carpet’s fabric.


  1. How often should I get my carpet cleaned?

You should ask this question to the carpet cleaner, it will give you an idea of when you would need to get the carpet cleaning service done again. Is it monthly, quarterly or yearly? Usually, companies recommend that you should clean your carpets two or three times a year to keep your carpet clean and new.


  1. Why should I use your service?

It is one of the most important questions that will help you in making decision. Though all carpet cleaning companies use different cleaning products or detergents to clean carpets, you should make sure that your selected carpet cleaner will not use chemicals containing detergents which can ruin your carpets’ fabric. So, you should ask about their cleaning products and make yourself satisfied with them.


  1. Are your services certified?

It is highly recommended that you should go with a carpet cleaning in Hong Kong which is certified and experienced. You should ask to see their certifications, if they are reliable and honest, they will provide you.


  1. What it the price of your cleaning service?

Last but not the least, this question has a lot of importance. You must ask about the service rates from carpet cleaners. Your priority should be a quality service, but don’t think that only an expensive service is high in quality. Try to find a premium quality service at affordable price.

Umar Carpets is one of the most well-renowned carpet cleaners in Hong Kong that can answer all the above-mentioned questions in a satisfying way. So, give a call to us and hire our professional carpet cleaning services today.       


Professional Carpet Cleaning Can do Wonders for Your Carpeting

In this modern age, people love to have carpets in their homes because using these soft and comfortable floor coverings make them feel relaxed and protected. Hence, keeping carpets properly clean is not an easy task and it does need more than regular vacuuming. So, when it comes to the carpet cleaning, a professional carpet cleaning in Hong Kong is a good choice for every carpet owner. Professional cleaning not only cleans your carpet deeply but also prolong its life. So, don’t waste your time and engage with a carpet cleaning company to clean your carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning companies can do wonders for your carpeting, as they practice various types of carpeting cleaning techniques. Steam cleaning method (hot-water extraction method), dry cleaning method, shampooing method and bonnet cleaning method are the popular techniques widely used by companies. The expert carpet cleaners suggest you the best possible technique that suits your carpet’s fabric. They apply different detergents and cleaning products to clean your carpet. Many people believe that these cleaning products have chemicals that can damage the carpets. But this is not true. In fact, these cleaning products are chemical-free and perfect to remove dust, dirt, and stains as well. These cleaning products are used with latest cleaning tools, so they not only extract the deep-rooted grime, stains, and allergens found in carpet’s surface but also extend the life of a carpet restoring its beauty.

Moreover, professional carpet cleaning services also have the advanced machines for drying. These machines dry all types of the carpets in just one hour and beautify your carpets as like the new ones. In this way, these services save you time and money both. However, it is recommended that you should choose a right company like Umar Carpets which is known for its affordable services of carpet cleaning in Hong Kong.


The Best Features of Carpet Cleaning Services

In this fast paced life, a carpet owner can’t understate the value of the professional carpet cleaning services. A neat and clean carpet always help in maintaining a genial atmosphere in a home or workplace. It adds elegance and dimensions to a room and makes it a more appealing and comfortable place to stay in. It is a symbol of both simplicity and good taste of the carpet owner. So, you should look for what the features of professional carpet cleaning in Hong Kong are? Here are some key features of these services that you should take into account before hiring the one.

They employ the most capable carpet cleaners.

If you want to clean your carpet and looking for the best quality cleaning services, then you should hire the one that employs experienced and highly-trained carpet cleaners HK. Their cleaning staff is knowledgeable regarding the carpet cleaning methods and carpet types as well. Therefore, they can suggest you a reliable and secure cleaning solution for your carpet.

They use the best cleaning equipment.

Besides of having a dedicated cleaning team, good companies use the latest and industry standard equipment for carpet cleaning in Hong Kong. There are many different ways come out there to clean a carpet such as dry and steam carpet cleaning etc. Each method has a different cleaning procedure, so there is a possibility that some may work better than others for particular kinds of carpet. That’s why; the company you hire should have the expertise to use a variety of cleaning tools and modify their manner of cleaning as it meets your carpeting demands.

They offer their cleaning services to a wide range of clients.

Being capable of serving the various type of customers is the best sign of a company’s experience. Carpet cleaners who can only clean your home carpet may not have vast experience about the job. A cleaning company with broad experience can accommodate the requirements of residential buildings, offices, commercial buildings, restaurants, stores, and any other kind of establishments.

There are some features you must keep in mind when finding out a carpet cleaning agency. A company which has all these features can leave their customers with complete satisfaction. Make a call to Umar Carpets and get the most reliable and affordable cleaning solution for your carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning – How It Works

When it comes to professional carpet cleaning, there are different approaches offered by carpet cleaning companies. And sometimes, this makes it very confusing for the carpet owner who wishes to make a personal choice about carpet cleaning. For each cleaning method, there are various benefits and drawbacks. However, most of the companies recommend steam carpet cleaning in Hong Kong. It is one of the most effective and safe methods to maintain the cleanliness of carpets. This carpet cleaning technique is also known as Hot water extraction and produce superior results as compared to other cleaning methods.

How does It work?

There are three steps involved in steam carpet cleaning. Have a look at!

1. Before the application of a carpet cleaning technique, the expert carpet cleaners inspect the carpet’s fiber carefully. After a pre-inspection, the carpet is vacuumed and any potential stain is treated with special spotting agents.

2. Then, the carpet is sprayed with a hot water solution mixed with a detergent that forces water into the carpets and absorbs the soils from the carpet’s surface.

3. After spraying solvent or detergent over the carpet, professional carpet cleaners use a vacuum cleaner to suck up all the dust and dirt particles with water.

Most of the companies use a truck-mounted machine to extract the soils from the carpet, while, some carpet cleaning companies use small and portable vacuum machine for doing this. Nevertheless, the truck-mounted system is mostly appreciated among the carpet cleaners because it can extricate the dirty air and humidity outside of the cleaning place. Furthermore, in this method, the advanced dry machine is used to make your carpet dried and moist-free. Steam cleaning method not only makes your carpet clean but also enhances the lifespan of your carpet.

If you want to clean your carpet though the steam carpet cleaning method, you can contact Umar Carpets. We have profound expertise in offering the best services of steam carpet cleaning in Hong Kong.

Carpet Cleaning Services- How Often You Should Hire Them?

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to have carpets in their homes so that their homes can look as elegant and nice as they like. No doubt, carpets are one of the most important décor materials that can make or break the look of a home. However, it is the fact that they generally look their best, particularly when they are still new and clean. That’s why; carpet owners have to maintain the cleanliness of their carpets on a regular basis. Only vacuuming is not enough to keep the carpets clean and well-maintained. Hiring the professional services of carpet cleaning in Hong Kong is a wise option for those who want to make their carpets clean and new.

The key reason for choosing the professional carpet cleaning services is to remove dirt from the carpet surface. Dust and dirt can cause significant damage to your carpet if they are not treated carefully. Specialized cleaning companies are equipped with the latest cleaning equipment and use powerful non-chemical detergents or cleaning products that can thoroughly and safely eliminate the invisible deeper grime and soils. Professional carpet cleaning services not only give your carpet a new and clean look but also provide various health benefits. Studies reveal that having neat and clean carpets can prevent you and your family with eczema, asthma and other allergies suffering from too much dirt, dust, and germs found on your carpets.

Carpet cleaning companies also have dedicated carpet cleaners who are efficient in the utilization of carpet cleaning technology and tools. Not only, they save you time and efforts but also give you a cost-effective cleaning solution for your carpets. However, now the question is that how often should carpet be cleaned professionally? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, it is recommended that carpets in residential properties should be professionally cleaned every 6-12 months if fewer people live in the home. Hence, larger families with both pets and kids should clean their carpet every 3 months professionally.

So, if you’re one of them who are looking the solution for carpet cleaning in Hong Kong, then you should contact Umar Carpets. We’ll suggest you the best possible cleaning technique which suits your carpet fabric and your pocket too.

Carpet Cleaning Service- The Best Way to Keep Your Carpet New

If you have a carpet in your home and want it looking always new, then it is important to clean it regularly. If you think vacuum carpet cleaning is enough, you have to think again. Carpet cleaning does not start and end with vacuuming if you have children or pets at home. Your carpet needs to be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate deep rooted dirt particles that can become a cause of allergy. This is the reason you should hire professional carpet cleaning services in Hong Kong. It is the ever best cleaning solution for your carpet that not only makes your carpet cleaned but also gives it a new and fresh look. In addition, it also saves you money, time and efforts.
Hence, it is hard to select a reliable cleaning company from a vast range available in the market. In order to get favorable results, you should take consider the proven track record of a company before making a final decision of hiring it. The reason is that cleaning companies use different cleaning techniques such as steam carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, and shampoo carpet cleaning methods to clean a carpet. All these cleaning methods involve the latest machines and chemicals-free detergents or cleaning products which safely help in removing the dirt, dust, and stains from the carpet surface. Only a seasoned cleaning agency can suggest you the best possible cleaning technique according to the type of your carpet brand or fiber.

Another reason for hiring a good cleaning company is that it employs dedicated carpet cleaners who have knowledge and expertise in secure cleaning. They exactly know how the cleaning tools and techniques can utilize in a safe and effective manner. In short, a confident carpet cleaning company provides a guaranteed and cost-effective solution that not only cleans your carpet thoroughly but also restores its beauty.

Contact us today and hire our expert carpet cleaners to clean your carpet.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning For Commercial Carpets

Maintaining a carpet is absolutely essential in a workplace as it can add beauty and create good impressions. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) defines that the key purpose of carpet cleaning is to remove dirt and dust. It helps prolong the life of the carpet and makes the office look cleaner and elegant. Besides general cleaning, commercial carpets also need to be professionally taken care of. The reason is that a lot of people walk on commercial carpets on a daily basis rather than residential places. There are several carpet cleaning methods available when it comes to commercial carpets. Bonnet carpet cleaning is one of the best and safest method to use in the corporate environment.

Bonnet carpet cleaning is an alternative version of shampooing method. Instead of using a brush, a bonnet or absorbent pad is attached to a pad drive on a rotary floor machine. After vacuuming the carpet thoroughly, dip the bonnet into a detergent or shampoo solution and then apply to the carpet. As the machine works, the soil and stains are absorbed by the bonnet and removed from the carpet surface. After bonneting, a neutralizer is applied to the carpet by using a pump-up sprayer to dry the carpet. This modern spinning system takes around 30 to 45 minutes and dries the carpet completely.

Bonnet cleaning technique utilizes less water rather than steam cleaning and other traditional methods. It is cost effective, quick, simple and easy to do. It also makes your carpets more valuable and impressive for your business. If you’re one of them who looking for professional bonnet carpet cleaning services in Hong Kong, you can contact us right now. Our expert carpet cleaners serve you the best with the help of latest cleaning tools and techniques.

Dry Carpet Cleaning- How Does It Work?

Carpet are one of the biggest investments you ever make into your home. Beautiful and premium quality carpets not only make your home elegant but also keep your home’s ambiance cozy and attractive. If you have a carpeted home, then you can easily understand how disgusting carpets can be when you use them regularly. For homeowners with dirt, allergies, children or pets, carpets often become dirty and less attractive and demand proper cleaning. Nowadays, professional carpet cleaning services in Hong Kong are the ultimate option to clean carpets. So, don’t destroy your carpet with non-professionals and choose Umar Carpets Dry Cleaning Services. We can save your best efforts to clean it yourself and money too.

How Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Work?
Traditional carpet cleaning methods usually involve a lot of water, but dry cleaning method does not use any water or liquid detergents. In this modern carpet cleaning technique, a cleaning powder (solvent) is sprayed or sprinkled with the help of brush on the carpet. The organic and eco-friendly powder works as a magnet and attracts all the dust and dirt towards itself. And then, with the help of vacuum cleaner, all the dust, dirt and stains are extracted from the carpet. It takes less time for cleaning the carpet and it is not so expensive.

Before using dry carpet cleaning method, we take some precautions. For instance, in this method, the floor should be cleaned and dust free, so we clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner. If there is any solid dirt or stain in the carpet, our professional cleaners remove it manually from the carpet surface. Moreover, we use the best quality and chemical-free solvents which dissolve easily on the carpet and don’t damage the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning is a very popular cleaning method among families in Hong Kong. It also involves fewer risks as compared to other ways that use liquid-based cleaning techniques. So, contact us now to hire our reliable and affordable dry carpet cleaning services in Hong Kong.